Josê Rico , Founder & Lead Designer

Josê Rico, Founder & Lead Designer

Over 30 Years of Excellence


For over 33 years I've been an artist that continues learning and evolving my creative expression. I find the most out of like by collaborating with my clients to manifest creative and personal creations to emulate beauty, relaxation and that also represents my clients expression. I find the most inspiration when I can stimulate that creative side in myself and others. My mediums are a combination of glass mirror, sandblasting artwork and natural elements like water, fire, stone, corals and plants. Since a young age I've been drawn to glass and mirror because it reminds me of personal reflection, elegance, delicateness and beauty. The visibility and sound of water adds a majestic and relaxation component to my art that other mediums can not simulate. Our society lives in a fast pace and if I could help my clients by reminding them every time they see my artwork to take time to self reflect and relax, I would say my purpose is complete.